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Optum HealthAllies Discount Program

Optum HealthAllies offers employers and employment-based associations a flexible solution designed to meet the diverse needs of today's workers. As a non-insurance approach to health care, Optum HealthAllies offers discounted rates on hundreds of health and wellness services from a nationwide network of more than 500,000 health care practitioners and facilities.

Two discount program levels are available for employees and their family members:

Optum HealthAllies Basic

Ideal as a supplement to current health benefits, the Basic program provides savings on many out-of-pocket health and wellness purchases, including:

Optum HealthAllies Enhanced

The Enhanced program provides a solution for groups:

It includes all of the Basic discount categories plus:

Employers may also offer their employees a choice of Basic or Enhanced options.


Included with the Enhanced program is Optum NurseLineSM, offering 24-hour access to registered nurses by telephone or live Web "chat". Members can call any time with questions about staying healthy, caring for an illness or injury, medications, emergency scenarios or any other concerns.

Benefits for Your Company or Association

Benefits for Your Employees or Group Members

For more information on offering health care savings to your employees or group members, please call (877) 426-2559.

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