Minimum Discount Guarantee

Your savings are guaranteed!

We guarantee that for each provider or service available through Optum HealthAllies*, you will receive at least the minimum savings advertised.

Here's how it works:

Services and Products

Typical Price Our Price Typical Discount
Typical Discount
Typical discounts on services
$65 $51 10 - 35%

If you do not receive the advertised minimum discount on your overall visit, and have followed the requirements below, you will be refunded the difference between the advertised minimum discount and the actual savings you received.

Confirming Your Discount is Easy

How to Obtain a Minimum Discount Guarantee Refund
If your total savings from any Optum HealthAllies provider is less than the advertised discount, follow these instructions to obtain a refund:

  1. Print and complete the Minimum Discount Guarantee Refund Form.
  2. Mail or fax it , along with copies of your rate confirmation (if applicable) and receipt for the product or service purchased, to:

    Optum HealthAllies Minimum Discount Guarantee
    P.O. Box 682780
    Orlando, FL 32868
    Fax: 1-855-405-2193

Minimum Discount Guarantee Requirements

All requirements must be met to be eligible for a Minimum Discount Guarantee refund. Each request is individually assessed to determine whether it qualifies for a refund.

Questions? Need assistance? Call our Customer Care Center at (877) 426-2559.

*The Minimum Discount Guarantee does not apply to hospitals, long-term care or behavioral health facilities, or pharmacy discounts, if included in the program..

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