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Discount Market Growing Fast

The health discount program market is increasing in size and popularity among individuals and groups. Including embedded member benefits, the total number of health discount program members now exceeds 40 million*. Additionally, total market revenue has increased to nearly $5 billion versus $1.7 billion in 2006**. The individual market is also heating up as consumers become better educated and more aware of the variety of discounted services offered. Even consumers with health plan benefits are beginning to realize discount benefits from pharmacy cards, dental discount programs and other ancillary services.

Great Opportunity

Optum HealthAllies offers an excellent means for retailers and financial services providers to enter the growing retail health care market. By partnering with Optum HealthAllies, you can:

Private labeling of the discount program may be available.
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* BlueFrame Executive Summary: Optum Competitive Intelligence: Health Discount Programs, April 13, 2009.

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