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No one should pay retail for health care!

That's the guiding principle behind the Optum HealthAllies health discount program. Our mission is to help our members save real money on health care purchases made outside of insurance. We offer typical discounts of 10-50% from a nationwide network of more than 500,000 participating practitioners and facilities—as well as dozens of online suppliers of health and wellness products. Whether as a complement to members' existing benefits or as an affordable alternative, the Optum HealthAllies discount program helps our members reduce their health care spending and embrace a healthier lifestyle.

What Sets Us Apart

Optum HealthAllies offers a market-leading combination of features and benefits, including:

Stability and Strength

Networks and Partnerships

Member Support

Headquartered in Glendale, California, Optum HealthAllies is part of Optum dedicated to optimizing the health and well-being of individuals and organizations.

What Is Optum HealthAllies?

Optum HealthAllies is NOT insurance — we are a money-saving program designed to help you reduce health care spending and start living a healthier lifestyle. The Optum HealthAllies network includes practitioners and facilities nationwide, as well as many retail chains and online providers:

How Does Optum HealthAllies Work?

Using Optum HealthAllies is easy! No referrals are required and there are no claim forms to submit. Also, you can visit any of the providers in our nationwide network and pay our preferred member rates at the time of service. You choose. You save. It's that simple.

When you enroll in Optum HealthAllies, you will receive a Member Handbook in the mail. To start using the program, just follow these steps:

1. Select a health care professional.
– Log on to the website and choose a discount category (such as vision) and a specialty (such as LASIK).
– After choosing a provider, click "select" to print a discount confirmation. Note: The discount confirmation introduces you to the provider and guarantees you receive the discounted rate. There is no obligation to visit the selected provider.
– Or, call the Customer Care phone number on your card. An advisor will help you locate health care professionals and will provide you with a confirmation.
– For online shopping partners, no need to confirm — just follow the onscreen instructions to get your discount.
2. Make an appointment with the health care professional.
Be sure to bring your discount confirmation and your member ID card with you to your visit.
3. Pay the discounted rate at the time of service.
Savings Tip: If you are enrolled in an FSA, HRA or HSA and the service is a Qualified Medical Expense, be sure to submit your receipt for reimbursement.

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